web3 Wallet Configuration

web3 Wallet Configuration

To interact with web3 Apps published by Expor (to buy or mint nfts, for example), users will need a web3 wallet such as the ones offered by Coinbase, MetaMask or WalletConnect. Please do your own research to determine which one will work for you.

You will require a minimum quantity of one or more of the tokens listed below, as well as a small amount of the base currency for the associated blockchain, in order to pay transaction (or “gas”) fees. We commonly work with BNB for the Binance Smartchain and MATIC for the Polygon Blockchain.

To add a custom token like ACTN BEP20 (Binance Smartchain), ACTN PLG20 (Polygon) or USDC (on either chain) to your web3 wallet, you will need the associated Token Contract IDs. They are:

ACTN BEP20 – 0xd7380b10bf3886b34ab3422dea42e408850375ca
USDC BEP20 – 0x0a385f86059e0b2a048171d78afd1f38558121f3
ACTN PLG20 – 0x5431390f6a98ae2baa92c3da0690272e1554a50e
USDC PLG20 – 0x2791bca1f2de4661ed88a30c99a7a9449aa84174

Please visit the following link for how-to instructions from MetaMask:


To buy or sell NFTs on the Binance Smartchain, you will need to add the Binance Smartchain Mainnet to your MetaMask wallet.  Please visit the following link for how-to instructions:


To buy or sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Polygon Blockchain, you will need to add the Polygon Mainnet to your MetaMask wallet.  Please visit the following link for how-to instructions:


Please visit the following link for custom token configuration instructions:


Please remember when adding a custom token to your MetaMask wallet, you need to ensure that you have switched the Mainnet to the correct one. When adding ACTN BEP20 & USDC BEP20, change the mainnet to the Binance Smartchain, and when adding ACTN PLG20 (Polygon) & USDC PLG20 (Polygon), you need to change the Mainnet to the Polygon Mainnet.  The red arrow in the picture below is pointing to the drop down menu where you need to click to change the Mainnet: