Tokenize your business profile on the BNB, Polygon or *Ethereum blockchains!  Your personalized non-fungible token (NFT) will be linked to your photo, and optionally, a short video or animation, forever stored on the InterPlanetary File System.  Token metadata will include your name, title, email, phone, about text, website, country.  Email address and phone number are optional.  All details will be confirmed prior to minting.

Each of us is UNIQUE, or “non-fungible” after all 🙂

  • ERC721 Standard Token
  • Identity Verification Included
  • Your Photo Stored to IPFS
  • Short Video Stored to IPFS

Your NFT will be minted to the public blockchain that you specify below. Other popular chains will be added at a later date.

Your NFT will be delivered to the blockchain address provided below. We DO NOT attempt to validate the wallet address provided, and we are not able to reverse an NFT transfer once it occurs. Your keys, your wallet!


*Additional gas fees apply for tokens minted to the Ethereum blockchain.